Your Communication Hub

Your team is your people. Teamify is an intranet solution that gives every member of your team the power to contribute.

Your Collaborative Social Intranet

Powerful social features help you to work with your colleagues, breaking down barriers across teams with real-time collaboration.

Your Knowledge Management System

Create a culture of idea-sharing and innovation by giving teams the power to create, share, and manage content, all in one place.

Social Intranet that Connects People and Ideas

We're All Working Together, That's The Secret.

Packed full of powerful features, Teamify supports you and your teams to work smarter, together.

A New Way to Work Together

Your team is your people. Teamify is an intranet solution that gives every member of your team the power to contribute. Based on Confluence, the proven team productivity software from Atlassian.

Company News

Add your company news to every homepage. Let colleagues add their own channels with a customised news stream based on their personal interests.


Customise all content and its language based on your profile settings. Provide users with an intranet portal in their own language, based on their location.

Personalised Navigation Menus

Customisable navigation menus give quick access to content, whilst giving you full control over the flow of information.


Choose to get notified when company events are coming up and when you need to attend them.

Enhanced User Profiles

Your user profile is made to enhance your networking experience across Teamify. Let your users take control, highlighting their skills, expertise and knowledge.


Subscribe to content from many sources? Teamify comes with an RSS-Feed-Builder, that can be tailored to your individual requirements.

Enhanced User Profiles

The Heart of Your Social Intranet

Teamify offers a sophisticated contact search feature, leading to comprehensive profile pages with contact information, skills, work focus and more.

Personality profiling with individual communication tips help people and teams understand each other better, improving communication and reducing friction.

Putting Your Team at the Heart of Your Technology

Powerful social features help you to collaborate with your colleagues. Break down barriers within and across teams with quick sharing and real-time collaboration.

Communications Hub

Give every person, project and team a place to share ideas and communicate. Content is stored in “Work Areas”; ideal for teams and departments.

Automatic Notifications

Get notifications when you want to be kept in the loop; when content is updated, or a comment is made on one of your blog posts.

Share Pages

Your users can share intranet pages easily with others and alert them to interesting content with automatic notifications.


Integrate links, important applications, systems and websites to your homepage in one click.


Microblogging makes ideas, feedback and discussion easy; similar to how you would expect to add comments on social networks.


Access pages that are particularly important to you anywhere, at the click of a button.

Knowledge management software for modern teams

Teamify creates a culture of idea-sharing and innovation by giving teams the power to create, share, and manage content, all in one place.

Rich text editor

The intuitive rich text editor requires no technical expertise to use and supports many page layouts, tables, images, files and multimedia content.

Exporting and Printing Content

Easily print your documents or export them as a PDF or Word file with the click of a button.

Concurrent editing

Edit your documents together, in real-time with a rock solid collaborative solution.

File management and attachments

Supporting many file formats, attachments are automatically indexed by the Teamify search engine on upload.


Teamify includes; a dynamic diagramming tool that allows you to easily integrate charts, mind maps and much more.


Create flexible workflows with steps for review, approval and assigning tasks.

Page templates

Whether planning meetings, events, retrospectives or requirements, Teamify offers many page templates from install.

Versioning and revision security

Teamify saves the changes each time you create a page – So, a previous version can be restored with a click of a button.

Practical shortcut keys

Create, edit or save a page without having to reach for the mouse.

Search less, discover more

Use Teamify’s powerful and smart search engine to discover information across your company.

Quick Search

Accessible from anywhere within the social intranet, Teamify’s quick search includes attachments, advanced filters and autocomplete.

Extended Search

The extended search offers additional filters, in order to limit the search based on type of content, location, creator and other criteria.

Profiling Search

Rapidly narrow down search results using powerful filters such as name, department, location, expertise and interest, to locate the co-worker you need.

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