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Packed full of powerful features, Teamify intranet supports your teams to work smarter, together.

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of millennials prefer collaboration to competition

3 in 4

employers rate teamwork as ‘very important’

of professionals depend on technology to collaborate

A collaboration tool built around people

Putting your team at the heart of your technology

Collaborative Intranet

Teamify is the first communication tool simply designed to make teamwork easy. Built on the proven technology of Confluence, Teamify helps you to find, share and collaborate, in an instant.

Work Better, Together

Your social intranet should do much more than just store documents. Packed full of powerful features, Teamify supports you and your teams to work better, together.

Created on Confluence – Built on Trust

We built Teamify on the proven technology of Confluence; the professional wiki system from Atlassian. As one of the most trusted platforms in the world, Teamify enhances Confluence with a selection exclusive features and applications – to help your teams communicate better, together.

Powered by Clearvision

Teamify was created on an inspiring idea: To help teams work better, together. Backed by the expert support of Clearvision: An Atlassian Platinum Solution Partner, with 21 years experience in building better software.

Happy clients

Years of experience

Clearvision Clients

21+ years of building better software with 4,000+ happy customers.

JIRA & Confluence    Consultancy

“We were able to utilise a specialist and precisely define the architecture needed as per our team and company goals”

– Brian, IT Operations

Confluence Rollout and Hosting

“With Clearvision’s assistance on LDAP and User Profiles Plugin, we were able to take it from project wiki to a company-wide intranet and employee directory.”

– George, VP, Business & Workflow Systems


Powerful, best-in-class software

Built on Confluence, the trusted wiki from Atlassian, Teamify has all the functionality of a platform trusted by over 35,000 customers.

And then some.

Get Personal!

Theme the whole look and feel of your intranet with clean, personalised pages and navigation, based on user’s profile settings.

Latest News

Stay kept up-to-date with company news on every homepage – or add your own based on your personal interests.

Powerful Profiles

Your user profile is made to enhance your networking experience across Teamify and showcase your strengths and skills.

Teamify Everywhere

Teamify on the go! With special themes for smartphones and tablets, your colleagues can use their intranet anytime, anywhere.

Transform Your Documents

The intuitive rich text editor supports many page layouts, tables, images, files and multimedia content.

Epic Search

Find any member of your work family with a search box available from anywhere on the platform.


Putting your Team at the heart of your Technology

Teamify is designed to boost productivity and reduce friction in the workplace.

At Clearvision, we know that a combination of culture, technology, and process helps to shape our collaborative work. We fostered our own online community using the power of Confluence – and saw first-hand how this digital transformation helped to increase profit success.

Realising that our clients would benefit from the same technology, we set out to improve the platform. We designed Teamify as collaboration software: Allowing users to work, communicate and share seamlessly.

With Teamify, your advanced user profiles, private work areas and simultaneous editing let your teams work the way they want, with the people they need.


We're All Working Together, That's The Secret.

'Teaming' is a verb

Do you find that now more then ever your team is likely to form, adapt and disband fast? You’re not alone.

Studies suggest that to support this, your colleagues must learn a new kind of teamwork – one where they prioritise curiosity, passion and empathy

But how can you facilitate this rapid cultural change in a fast-paced workplace?

Teamify is the only social intranet that both provides a modern platform for team discussions and gives you personalised communication tips to help avoid misunderstandings amongst team members.

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